Thursday, May 14, 2009

“Mom, I need to talk to God.”

Lately, Sophia will tell me, out of the blue, 

“Mom, I need to talk to God.”  
The first time it happened I said, 
“Ok, let’s pray.”  

But, Sophi corrected me and said, 
“No, I want to pray by myself.”
And, then, she went off and I saw her lips moving, eyes opened - praying.  
When she came back I asked her what she said to God.  
Her answer blew me away. 

She said, 
“I asked Him to help me to obey, cuz I can’t do it by myself, Mom.”  

Just so matter-of-fact . . . so assured . . . . then she went on to play, leaving me with my jaw on the floor.  
Since then, she has done this several other times.  

Once in the car, I was driving and suddenly she said, 
“Mom, I need to ask God to help me.”  

And, then she did.  
The latest was today, at Mother’s Day Out.  
We were getting ready for snack and I called Sophia to come wash her hands.  
I looked and there she was, sitting in one of  the sanctuary chairs, looking forward, lips moving.  
She told me later, 
“Mom, I had to ask God to help me not say bad things.”  
I’m not sure what to make of all this.  
The believing part of me is so happy for her and thankful to God - ‘cause she “gets it” - at 3 years old, she understands her great need for God!  Her father and I have prayed since before she was born that God HImself would be her Teacher.   Here is the evidence!  Praise Him!
The Pharisee part of me wants to pull her in, talk with her, make sure she understands that when she prays she is talking with the Creator of the Universe, not Santa or "some nice man."  
She can’t possibly really be talking with God - can she?  
I mean, I’m her mom and have been around a LONG time and half the time I’m unsure about my conversations with God.  Goodness . . . 
God is my daughter’s Teacher.  
It all comes down to faith:  

- Sophi trusting God will hear her and answer her calls for help.  

- Me, trusting the Creator of the Universe, Whom I can’t see and am just learning how to hear, to teach my daughter - Spirit to spirit.  One of my first lessons in letting go.
“Please, God- Father - Papa, continue Your Work in my daughter and in me.  We are Yours!   How I love You.  Every day I love you more and more.  Teach us to live in Your Love and not fear!”

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