Friday, February 26, 2016

Prayer Riding - Route 4, oops, Route 5!


Just got off the bus!

What a blessed ride today!

Well, I have to admit that it didn't really start out that way.  In fact, I was thinking I would skip the ride today.  Our family has so much going on . . . emotions are high . . . lots of activities . . . But, the more I thought about it, I just didn't have a peace about not riding today.  I knew my excuses were flimsy.  So, I ended the thought "run-around" by saying to myself, "I'm going to do what I believe God wants me to do - when I feel good and it is convenient and when I feel lousy and am overwhelmed."

So, I went.

Just as I walked up to the central bus stop, Diana, the driver I met a couple of weeks ago, walked up and greeted me.  She asked what bus I was riding today and I said, "I'm riding #5 today."  She told me the name of the driver and wished me a good day.

Then, another driver, whom I hadn't met, walked up and introduced himself and told me that Driver Diana had told him about me.  I told him a little about my "prayer riding" and he asked what bus I was riding today - I told him Route 5.  He replied, "Well, alright, but I'm looking forward to you riding my bus!"

Ya'll, it may seem small, but these two greeting me with such enthusiasm was huge a Blessing!  I know it was God giving me a nudge and a hug.  His Way of letting me know that I am walking with Him in this - well, "riding" with Him!  I am so thankful.

I took a picture of the bus I was about to get on.  Posted it to Facebook.  And, then it hit me . . . "# 5?  I was supposed to ride # 4 today."  I stopped.  "Hmm... maybe I need to change the bus today and not go in numerical order.  Okay, I'm just going with the flow today, Lord.  #5 it is!"

Rode Route 5 today.  Met the very cheery and enthusiastic driver, Cory.  Lots of people riding to work today wearing restaurant clothing - wait staff and cooks.  A couple got on at the grocery store with their load of groceries - going home.  I prayed for them all.

We passed several police cars on the road today - and a couple of emergency vehicles -  - I prayed for them all.

I began to see a larger picture of all the business in Longview:  retail, food, medical, government, small, large, industrial - -  and all of the people that work in these businesses - Longview's workforce.  I prayed for all the owners, managers, workers  . . . may God bring a spiritual awakening in Longview in the workplaces.  May God give Longview people who do business that is fair and honest - that provides and serves.

May God remove those who would use business to do evil in our town.

Over and over this "prayer thought" entered my mind,
"Lord, may those who do evil not prosper in Longview.  May those who do evil not prosper.
May those who Love You, shine for You in Longview.  May those who Love You, Shine."

It was a great ride!


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