Friday, February 12, 2016

Prayer Riding - Route 2

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Another great "prayer ride" on Longview's public transport today!

I rode Route 2 - the Medical District - on driver Diana's bus.  This was one of the smaller "van-like" buses.

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No problem getting on this time - had my $3 ready, put it through the ticket machine, and took my all-day pass!  Like a pro!  Yeah, I'm a Longview Transit rider, thank you very much!

There were several interesting people on this ride.  

One lady was deaf.  I watched her sign to someone using her cell phone and FaceTime.  I have never thought about how helpful that technology must be to the deaf community.  She was very friendly and waved, "Thank you!" to the driver as she got off.  She was dressed as a nurse or medical professional and got off near some doctor's offices.

A couple of people got off at Good Shepherd Hospital.  As I prayed for them, I was wondering if they worked there or were going to visit a sick relative or friend.  

One young man got off at Regional Hospital.  I was impressed with his hearty, "Thank you!" to the driver as he exited.

I had the ride to myself for the last half of the route - around by Walmart and up past the Mall and back to the main stop.   

I noticed a few things this prayer round:
    1.  My mind was racing - we passed so many important areas of Longview and I felt the need to pray for each.  Next time, I will let myself relax and stay on one area for a while.  I'll be back again, no need to panic!

    2.  My heart was filling with a great desire for the people of my hometown to experience spiritual awakening and revival.  My only job in those few minutes was to allow the Holy Spirit to use me in prayer.  As I focused on Him, my spiritual eyes and thoughts were changed.  It was wonderful and so freeing!

    3.  Last week, I prayed as we crossed under I-20 and this week, as we drove down HWY 80.  My vision of our town as a cross-roads for many:  homeless, business, medical . . . grew to include people whom I don't often consider.

    4.  I can't wait until next week!  This really is so rewarding!

Come join me next time!

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