Friday, February 26, 2016

Prayer Riding - Route 3!

I rode this bus last Friday - the Cane's bus!

This route took us down the Loop and then Gilmer Rd into Spring Hill.
I didn't officially meet the driver because she was busy talking with someone she knew who was riding.  But, I sure learned a lot about her from the conversation I overheard!  : ) I learned she was a 'cross country truck driver for many years and is driving the bus now to be able to be close to her family.

I saw an older woman using the bus to get her groceries from Brookshires to her home.

I met an older man who had to meet with his "boss man" and rode the bus to his place of work, got off, talked with his boss, and then met the bus again around the corner to ride to his girlfriend's house.

The Spring Hill area is dear to me.  I grew up there.  So many memories - good and bad.  I was happy to pray for all of the families and people living in my old stomping grounds.

Then, we turned off Gilmer and headed up Wain - and around by all the "new" duplex's.  I call them "new" because that is what we used to call them about 30 years ago.  They are not new now.  They are slums - roofs falling in, homes burned out, windows busted out . . . I was shocked.  I'm still shocked.  Who OWNS these huts?  Who is supposed to be taking care of them?  They are obviously slum-lords.  So very angry . . . so very sad.

It was interesting - the whole bus was quiet as we drove through this area - like we were afraid to talk.  Afraid to even breath that air.

Seriously, does anyone know who owns these duplexes?  Time for some action.

Time to pray and act.

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