Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful for The Summer

It was a wonderful summer.  
Half of it we spent here in Smolensk, with our Russian family.  
And the last half we spent in Texas, with our American family. 
We are:  cross-cultural, 
               world travelers and 
               life explorers 
                                        . . . and we love it!  
This year my parents are each, and together, facing many health problems.  I am very thankful to my husband for patiently allowing Sophia and me to stay a couple of months with them.  He is a good man, my Anton!  
Sophia in America -  
  • learned to swim underwater, 
  • saw lots of her cousins, 
  • ate cheese pizza at Sam’s every Sat morning, 
  • won the “traveled the farthest to be here” award at our family reunion, 
  • spent a day at the zoo, 
  • learned what “sticky rice” is and even got her own rice box at our local Thai cafe, 
  • read a book and took a nap everyday with Gran Gran, 
  • ate scrambled eggs and bacon almost every day with Pops
  • learned “knock-knock” jokes with Pops 
  • water tubed fearlessly on a Texas lake
  • learned it was more profitable for her personally to ride in Gran Gran’s grocery cart at Brookshire’s
  • practiced her “Dora Spanish” with my mom’s friend, Blanca,
  • learned to love Taco Bueno’s cheese and chicken quesadillas
  • had her first snow cone 
  • walked with Pops everyday to the mailbox to see if she got a letter
  • threw a “lemonade stand party” for Gran Gran and Pop’s neighbors
  • learned that waking up really early, while Mom slept and Pops was up, was prime cartoon-watching opportunity
  • took lots of baths in Gran Gran’s bubble-making tub
  • got to make her own lunches for Mom’s Day Out in Texas
  • talked with Papa every day on the computer and told him that she NEVER wanted to leave him ever again!
We’re all back together again, The Yastrebov’s, and better than ever!
Not sure what tomorrow will bring, may be some big changes brewing  . . . 
but we are sure that God is with us and we are with Him.
We are.

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