Tuesday, June 2, 2009

“Kasha” - the Russian Building Block

Kasha is the food Russians are raised on - all kinds of it:  oat, corn, rice, buckwheat . . . and the list goes on.  
I don’t know why we don’t have such a love of “meal” in the States. My memories of it as a child were, of course, of oat-meal as a breakfast food.  Kids my age made faces when it was passed their way and joked about the clumpy cold clods they had that morning for breakfast.  And, we NEVER had a “porridge” of any kind for lunch or dinner - UGH! BLECH!  (well, unless you can count grits as a porridge - I don’t know, can you?!  Maybe . . . hmm . . . )
In my new life, as a “part-Russian,” I have learned to love all kinds of “meals.”  

My favorite is buckwheat - a dark wonderful side for beef!  YUM!  But, I also love my husband’s morning oat-meal - with grated apple and lots of brown sugar.
Sophi loves “kasha!”  She would eat it every morning . . . but we try to vary the menu a little every few days!   

Eggs, cereal, oat-meal . . .  .what’s your breakfast food of choice?

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