Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Texas Spring

Sophia in the middle of Mrs Lee's daffodil garden.

This is my first Texas Spring in many years . . . and it is Anton and Sophia's first . . .  ever.

Texas Springtime is full of SUN!  
Bright, harsh, full-blast SUN!

"Do daffodils smell, Mom?"

There is no "Big Thaw" here.
No standing water.
No piles of trash and dog poop that suddenly appear after the cover of snow is gone.
There are no slip-sliding days.
No need for galoshes at all.
There is no mud.

In Texas, we slip 
quietly, warmly
 into Spring.

Just a few weeks of beautiful weather.
Blooming everywhere - full of bright green and technicolor
Before the heat begins.

Holding hands in the garden.

In Texas, the daffodils show their heads in March.
They are the first heralds of Spring!

Then come the dogwoods.
Their delicate white sprinkling hope in the dark, still-barren woods.
A signal for the blooming and budding to begin.

Delivering St Patrick's Day goodies!

The flowers come out  - and so do neighbors!

Little princesses, in their tiaras and best bright green
Sharing goodies in celebration of Spring!

And, women in hats 
Gather for a Southern salad luncheon
On the lake where azaleas bloom.

Seven and eight feet tall
Bushes awash in soft vibrant flowers.

Mom won in the "Makes Me Smile" category in the hat competition.

Even prize-winning Springtime hats 
Pale in comparison.

Thank you, God, for a Texas Spring!
Thank you for each budding, growing thing!
Thank you for friends with whom to share
Your great Beauty 


  1. I love that last photo of her.

    It looks beautiful in Texas!

  2. Hey Mel and Sonja!
    Thank you so much for dropping by!


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