Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still Crazy For Coconuts - A 6 Week Review

Mother and Sophia at Mrs Lee's Daffodil Garden

About 6 weeks have passed since we began using coconut oil and I last posted.

Before I get into the results we've seen, let me review what we have been doing.

Our Coco-nutty Life:
         - Every meal, Mother adds about a tablespoon of coconut oil in with her warm food.
            (the food needs to be warm for the oil to melt - it becomes solid at room temp)

         - Every so often we use about a tablespoon of the liquid  MCT oil in smoothies/shakes/or cold

         - Often, in preparing our meals, I will substitute the fat I would have normally used (butter, mayo
             olive oil) for coconut oil.  I have found no taste difference but the coconut oil does tend to
             smoke at high temps.

So, daily, Mother has been getting about 3-4 tablespoons of the coconut oil and/or MCT oil in her diet.

I did a verbal survey of the people in our family, living in the house with Mama, and here is what we had to say:

Mother - "I think more clearly.  I have more energy.  Sleep better."
Daddy -  "She is much more alert.  She argues more, has stronger opinions. She gets up better by
Sophia -  "She doesn't sleep so much and she plays more with me."
Me -        "She gets herself up in the morning and gets breakfast.  She initiates activities by herself, like
                  cleaning the kitchen, helping with meals, and picking up around the house.  She is ready
                  and eager to go walking/exercising.  She seems to remember a little better things that
                  earlier, I wouldn't have expected her to remember."

Others Going Coco-Nuts:
In the last 6 weeks we have had at least 6 people tell us that they have starting using coconut oil with their loved ones.  One gentleman called and told me that his wife had all but stopped talking and after using the oil, she has started talking again!

Weight gain!  I have noticed that Mother's clothes are fitting a little tighter.  She will weigh at the doctor's office next week and we'll be able to confirm any weight gain.

Our Conclusion:
We have seen significant improvement in quality of life for Mama.  She sees and feels this herself.
We are going to keep using the oil!

Yes, we're still going COCO-NUTS!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical doctor (neither do I play one on TV) and cannot make any scientific/medical claims about the effects of coconut oil on any illness.  Please consult your doctor!

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