Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking for Spring

“Good-bye snow, cold, and ice!”
“So long, wardrobe of the last 5 months!”
We’re taking off those snow pants, heavy coats, and big klonky boots.
                        The Great Thaw has begun!
It’s not a pretty site when the snow starts to melt.
In fact, it’s downright disgusting!
Under all that beautiful white there was a hidden world of dog poop and trash.
Can you imagine . . . 
Was hiding THIS:

It’s the work of the sun, you know.
The sun has come closer to this part of our earth and its warmth is melting all that cold.
If there is to be new growth, then the cover has to go.  
What we see underneath, well, we have to face it. 
It was our work.  
We put it there.
The sun is slowing showing us reality.
And we have a choice.  
We could walk around the mess and pretend we don’t see it.
We could stay inside and avoid it.
We could make fake snow and cover it all back up again.
We could hire someone else to deal with it so we don’t have to.
Or, we could clean it all up.  
Pile it up and burn it.
Get the earth clean and ready to bloom.

 For a bit of Spring green, I’m ready to work!
Sometimes, if the ice is thick, it takes some sharp instruments and lots of muscle.  
But, most of the time, 
all it takes is time . . . 
and the sun . . . 
for the earth to throw off that cover and . . . 

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