Friday, March 18, 2011

They Draw and Cook

I just came upon one of the most fun sites ever!  
They Draw and Cook combines two of my favorites - illustrative art  and food!
Seriously, take a look at this:

and this . . . 

Artists from all over the world have submitted recipes.
Its like reading your favorite children’s picture book - with recipes helping to tell the story.
Can you believe this one?  Just wonderful!
And, you can print the recipes - with the art - FREE!
How fun would it be to try some of the recipes, find your favorites, then print out a little book as a gift for a friend?
This one caught my eye - I’ve certainly had these cooking moments! and I am so interested. . .  will it taste anything like a tortilla?! 

Some are just so clever . . . 
One of my favorite places on the site is the interactive world map.  You can click on all the arrows pointing out where an artist is located and get a quick glimpse at their design.
I found this artist in Russia!

I am having so much fun exploring They Draw and Cook!
Take a look around the site.
Then, please come back and let me know which recipes are your favorites!

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