Friday, April 15, 2011

Been Sewing . . .

We have had a couple of good friend’s birthdays this month, so I’ve been busy sewing!  
For Roma, just turned 7:

His own book bag - with a pencil caddy, and some coloring/learning books.
Turning 7 in Smolensk is a big deal in the public transport world -
                                             you have to pay, now!
Anya, Roma’s mom, bought him his first very own transportation pass!  

So, I thought it would be cool for him to have a wallet to carry it in!  (along with a little extra cash - a man’s gotta be ready!)
Our friend, Polina, turned 5 this month.
Remember the doll quilt and pillow I made for her?  
Well, I liked how Roma’s book bag turned out so much that I decided to make one for Polina, too. . . . along with some pencils in her own pencil caddy, and a great coloring book.
And, last but not least . . . 
My crafting buddy, Stacia, is moving far far away.  I know a thing or two about moving long distances and limited packing  . . . so . . . 

I decided to make her a travel wallet!
It’s got places for tickets . . . 
Lots of pockets for passports (cause you know she’ll be carrying the whole family’s!)
And, even a little velcro pocket for things you don’t want to fall out!.
I followed this great tutorial to make it.
In case I haven’t said it in the last 5 min . . . I LOVE to sew!
And, making gifts for good friends that are functional and pretty . . . 
                  well, just can’t get much better for this girl!

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