Friday, April 29, 2011

First Dance Recital - or “Mama’s Music Marathon”

Wednesday Sophia had her first dance recital.

She has been studying for the past few months with a well-known Smolensk dance group. 

This month the group celebrated it’s 20th anniversary.

 This recital was part of the Anniversary Concert.
Sophi’s  group performed the first dance and closed the concert with a fun little “dance.”
All the little girls wore big puffy bows . . . 
And little yellow and red skirts.

They were so excited to perform on the big stage!
There they are!  

Can you find Sophia?
Yep, right behind the piano, on the left side.
We caught some good glances of her arms and legs, 
at times.
The festivities started for us a 5pm, 
when Sophi’s group met for a last practice.
The concert started at 6pm.
There were lots of Russian, Polish, Armenian, Jewish, and Ukrainian folk dances.
There were congratulations and gifts and speeches, galore!
There were songs and beautiful costumes.

And, more and more dances . . . 
Finally, at 8:30 pm, it was time for the final “dance.”
It was an extremely long, loud night . . . 

. . . but our children sure had a great time!

It looks like Pooh had a good time, too!

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