Tuesday, May 3, 2011


She has always been this way.
When she was just a few months old, she would swing her arms and legs and try her hardest to hit one of the toys hanging over her head.
She basically skipped over crawling and went straight to walking.
She spent hours, working on her own, sounding out words in her books until she could read them with ease.
She has a quality I greatly admire. . . 

She keeps at something until she gets it.
She doesn’t give up.
And look what this brought her last week:

Several evenings she set out to ride her bike - without training wheels.

Her papa, a bike expert, gave her lots of good advice and help.

Then, one moment we looked around . . . 
and she was riding!
Like the WIND, 

I have to admit, I was bursting with pride!
Absolutely BEAMING!  

She still has some work to do on “stopping.”
She hasn’t mastered the hand-brakes . . .  yet.
But just look at this girl GO!
She did it!  
She learned to ride her bike without training wheels!
Every day she kept at it . . . never gave up . . . 
And now she’s a Two-Wheel’er! 

There’s a great big world out there . . . 
She’s zooming by it all - into it all!

Ride, Sophi, ride!

1 comment:

  1. So neat!!! Way to go girly.
    Mine is still afraid to ride her bike WITH training wheels lol


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