Friday, May 6, 2011

Dance Teacher Appreciation Gifts

This week I’ve been busy sewing some teacher appreciation gifts for Sophia’s dance teachers.
I decided to make bags - 
1.  A hobo/dance bag for her main instructor (who is also a professional dancer). 
I LOVE how this bag turned out!   I used this basic tutorial from Simply Modern Mom and changed it up a bit - to fit what I think might be a professional dancer’s needs.

I put in a dividing layer - one side for dance things and the other for “purse” things.
The dance side has 2 deep pockets  - for dance shoes!  LOVE THIS!
The purse side has several pockets  - for cell phone, pen, and the little notebook she always carries.
That yellow thing you see inside is a tissue holder I threw in for good measure!
2.  A tote bag for the piano player. 

I am particularly thankful for this lady’s work.  Every lesson she provides “real” music for the children hear and to see naturally played!  
I gave her a big pocket on the outside and several inside.  Pockets are a very good thing.

3. A summer fun bag for the young dance assistant.
It just looks like summer, doesn’t it?
I based it on this tutorial from Noodlehead for a small zippered bag.
I made it into a tote bag - and gave her some pockets on the inside! 

4.  And, of course, Sophia wanted a dance bag, too!
Hers is just like Victoria Sergeyovna’s - only with “little girl fabric.”  
Look at the little pocket w/the flower - she’s already used it to keep her tram ticket handy!

Anton and I told her that she looks like the “Pochtalyon”/postman in the famous Russian cartoon, “Prostakvashina.”  
So, she gave us a salute!
I had so much fun making these bags and can’t wait to give them tomorrow!
Have I mentioned in this post that I absolutely love to sew?
Well, I do.
PS - All the fabric is from IKEA - what a great store!  

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