Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Presents for Papa

Sophia and I are getting ready to fly away to America for a few weeks.  It is always hard to leave our Papa for so long.  We miss him and he feels lost without us.
This year we decided to give our sweet man something to remember us by . . . to remind him of his favorite girls!

From Sophi - 
I found this idea on one of my favorite craft blogs,
“From An Igloo.”  You can see her original idea here.
Sophi and I cut out the letters for Papa (in Russian) and had our photo-shoot in the bright sun.  The challenge was to get Sophi to look into the camera - with a natural smile.  She was a trooper and I love the way our collage turned out!
I took the best pictures and used them to make the collage on the photo editing site, Picnik.  

If you are interested in learning how to use the free editing tools on the site, check out the tutorial series on,
From me -
 I decorated a jar with my best photo (cut around the one you see above and wrapped it around the jar - looks great)  and put inside a special little message for every day that I am gone. 
Last night we presented our Papa with his presents.  He was pleasantly surprised!  
Can’t wait to hear from him when he starts reading my messages!  FUN!

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