Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not Asleep - At The Wheel

Hang in there, this may be a little strange.  
Anton left at 3 am this morning for Moscow.  He stopped by his parents’ to pick them up and the three of them headed for the airport in Moscow.
I slept through it; his leaving.  I was dead tired.  
At 4am  - I woke up  . . . and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I laid there and laid there . . . wide awake.  I got up and surfed the web a little.  
After a few minutes it dawned on me, “Anton and I are on the same schedule.”
“Ha!” I thought, “I guess God is really at work making us ‘one flesh,’ our bodies are becoming sleep -tuned!”
Then, I thought, “Maybe I need to pray for Anton as he travels.”
So, that’s what I did for the next 3 hours . . . surfed and prayed, surfed and prayed . . . wide awake.
Finally, suddenly, I couldn’t hold my eyes opened one second longer and I went back to sleep.
8:30 am - I got up and got Sophia up for dance class - we have to leave by 9am.
9 am - Anton called and said they made it to the airport ok but he was having a problem with the car.
11 am -  Sophi’s dance class had just ended.  Anton called again.  He had taken the car to the service station and discovered that they had been driving all night with all 4 lug nuts on one wheel un-tightened!  
What a coincidence?!
Not for us.  
Lately, Anton and I have been praying that God would make us one - one mind and heart.  For us, this is the evidence of God’s answer.  
I can’t put a name to it.  Can barely hold it in my mind.  
Amazing . . . 

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