Friday, March 6, 2009

A 3rd Birthday

Sophia and friends at her Mom's Day Out birthday party.

When the nurse first brought Sophia to me, I was just coming out of a deep sleep.  I focused hard on what the nurse was saying as she handed me the tightly wrapped bundle.  I asked, “Is everything ok?”  I remember saying, “She is beautiful.”  I wanted to hold her and keep her, but my arms weren’t responding to my thoughts and the nurse whisked Sophi away before my mouth could say the words.  
I was totally out of it - but that blurry memory is so clear, deeply embedded.  
There are many more memories after that one: 

The first night we brought her home,
 sleepless nights, 
doctor’s visits . . .  
lots of “firsts” - eating, laughing, speaking, walking, playing, friends.  

All are starting to fade and I keep thinking that I need to
 write more down, 
take more pictures, 
shoot more video . . . 
She’s 3 - our little Princess, only 3 years old.  So, why do I feel as if a whole lifetime has gone by and I missed 90%?  I was there, but not enough registered, and I missed it.  
Can we dare to imagine that God, The Great Parent, doesn’t miss one second.  He holds it all  - every moment of Sophia, of me, of you. . .  and takes Joy in Knowing! 

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