Monday, April 13, 2009

Come to Russia and. . . Buy a Bike!

Anton recently changed jobs.  He’s gone from selling fabric to selling bicycles!  

This very well could be his dream-job!
Our dear Papa, mountain-bike-loving guy that he is - is now the business manager of: 
“Sport Club Extreme - Your Guide to the World of Extreme!”  

The club was started by two of Anton’s bike friends a couple of years ago.  Basically, it has been a small re-sale and repair shop.  But, they want the business to grow and hired Anton to do the grunt work.
First thing up:
 Make the store look presentable 
and get some new bikes to sell!

They painted, organized, got new inventory, put up a small monitor to play continuous bike videos. . .

Sophia’s favorite part of the store is the rock border on the floor - she asked her Papa if she could take some home and he said, “If your mama says it’s ok!”  (Thanks a lot, Papa!)

Anton put up a magazine rack and now the club sells Mountain Bike Magazine, Russian edition.  This is the magazine Anton translates for - see, I told you he is an all-out Mt Biker!
In the back of the store is a really nice mechanics' shop where they tune up and repair bikes.  Dima, one of the owners, tuned my bike and he did a great job - went out for my first ride of the season Sunday afternoon and she rode smooth!
Second on the list of “must do’s”:    
Host a Season Opening.  

They did this all last week  - with lots of special events.  Now they are collecting the information they received from their customers and will plan the next steps.
Do you have any ideas for the Club?  Are you a bike rider?  What do you look for in your local store/club?  What are some ways they can reach new customers?
Are you interested in investing in a small business in Russia?  We’d love to talk to you !
Do you need a bike?  Come  to Russia . . . buy a bike!  :  )

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