Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Idea For A Kid’s Birthday Party

My friend, Anya, just threw a party for her son, Roma’s, 5th birthday.  The theme she chose was so cute!

Birthday Train
The kids road a “train” through Roma’s life.  Each year was a “stop” and at each “stop” the children had to guess what Roma learned to do that year - and then they did an activity that had to do with what he had learned.

For example, 
Year one . . . 
   Roma learned to walk.  
   The kids had to do a little relay where they carried water by the spoonful from a little bucket to another.
They loved this !

Next stop, year two!  
   Roma learned to feed himself . . . 
   so the kids had to learn to eat jello with a popsicle stick.
And on to year 3 - I don’t remember what was this year. . . 
Year four 
   Roma learned to read . . . 
   and each of the children had to find some little gifts hidden in the room and read the name on each (if they couldn’t read, then they were to bring the gift to Roma to read!) There was a gift filled with candy for each child!
pastedGraphic_1.pdfAnya made a train cake - really cute and delicious!
Such a simple and fun theme!  It could be used for any age. really - just choose the years you wanted to highlight and come up with cute activities for each.
Here’s hoping all your birthday parties are happy ones!

Roma had a great time trying to blow out the one trick candle on the cake!

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