Monday, August 17, 2009

Let the Building Begin!

We did it!

We have officially started a major building project . . . 

We are building a house in a Russian village!  
(good night, just read that sentence . . . are we CRAZY!?)

So far:
trucks have gotten stuck
supplies have arrived late, 
money is flowing, 
tempers are flaring, 
exhaustion has set in 
. . . and it’s only been 2 weeks!  

Here is my dear husband: 
in over his head, 
floating in a sea of new information, 
struggling to keep it all in balance, 
checking the markings for our foundation.

Here are Andrey and Igor, our son and father building team, 
with Anton - anticipating that first “dig.”

I just had to take a picture of this wonderful machine.  
It was the "king of the field" that day and the driver, in my opinion, has one fun job!  
He just swings that seat around to whatever gadget he needs at the time: 
- need to dig? 
- need to push something?  
No problem! 


I asked Anton if we could get one for our land - 
he looked at me 
. . . let’s just say it’s best not to joke around with a 
stressed-out guy on a tight budget!

Here is the pic I took of our building team’s car. 
Well, ok, really of the license plate.  
I felt a little guilty doing it - Igor was a pastor and a missionary. .  . I am of little faith!

Here are the trenches - I know nothing about foundations - but these holes looked so flimsy to me, like anyone or any thing (like RAIN) could crash them in  . . . I was right!  
Stay tuned for the rest of that story . . . 

Sophi always has a blast at The Land.  

This is what we need to keep in mind as we build - 
our Sweet Sophia and the brothers and sisters God will give her . . . 
              country life will be so much fun for them!  

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