Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, that Russian MUD!

Between the time we dug the foundation and the time the cement trucks arrived - 

Not just a little sprinkle but a huge summer thunderstorm downpour . . . all night!   

The next day Anton and Igor, our builder, checked the damage.

And decided to let the concrete pour!  

And it did!  

The first truck was no problem . . . but, then, the second truck


It was really interesting to watch all those men discuss how to get a fully loaded cement truck out of the Russian mud!  

First they tried using the backhoe to pull the cement truck out . . . 

That didn’t work.

Then they got the idea to use the scoop on the backhoe . . . pour the concrete from the truck to the scoop, let the backhoe fill in the foundation 

until the truck was empty and could make it out of that MUD!

And, that, my friends/druzya, worked!

And everyone kept smiling!

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