Monday, April 5, 2010

It’s Finished! - Bicycle Cross-Stitch Project

I’ve been working on this cross-stitch for over 2 years, and I’ve had it in my “stash” for over 5 yrs.  
And, now, ladies and gentlemen, I can finally say,
                    “It is finished!  done!  ready!”
This one is for my husband.  He is the “bike guy” in our family.  This picture reminds me of all the times he has taken me out to see the world on a bike.  
With him, I learned to slow down and pay attention to nature.  I love our times together like this.  I am looking forward to more of them this summer.
I worked on my signature and came up with this - my initials, with a one and zero on either side of the Y to remind me (or the person to whom I gift something) the year it was created.  
What do you think?
My husband is going to have an office in the new house.  I know he’ll want to decorate it himself, but just outside his door will be the stair landing and I want to decorate that area with bike things.  
This will be the first!

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