Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Russian Death Traps AKA Roads

Yesterday, Sophia and I went with Anton on a business trip outside the city.  It was fun to get out and see some of Smolensk Oblast (like a state).  We went to two little towns - very different from each other.  One much more a “Russian” town and the other, absolutely “Soviet.”  
But, more about that another time.
What struck me,
                 more than anything, 
                                                    was Smolensk, 
when we got back to the city late in the afternoon.
Everywhere we went in the Oblast, there were decent roads.  
As soon as we got back to Smolensk, this is what we encountered:

Pothole after pothole . . . 

Watch out!  There’s another one!
One major suspension buster after another . . . 

We’re not talking little jolts in your ride . . . 

Some are big enough for your ride 
to fall into . . . 
                                                                    and disappear . . .             

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