Monday, March 22, 2010

A Pillowcase Dress and Some Sewing and Craft Sites

I just finished a new sewing project:
I made Sophi a “pillowcase dress.”  This was a Russian pillowcase - the kind with an envelope fold instead of an open end.  I followed the tutorial on the blog Freshly Picked.  I did change a couple of things:   encased the elastic for the shoulder straps instead of using ties, and added a “wrap-around” hem (what is the real term for this?) at the bottom to try to make the front and back match a little better (there are alternating stripes).  Oh, and I did take in the sides a little to cut down on the “billowing-ness.”
Sophi tried it on for me at least 10 times  . . . pretty patient 4 yr old!  

Look how the blue pox dots match the blue flowers in her dress!  
She’s my fashion girl!
After I finished the dress and looked at it . . . it just needed something . . . and  I immediately had the mental image in my head . . . a fabric flower!
I found this site on-line where they had several fabric flower tutorials.  I chose the one found on Sew Ritzy Titzy because I liked the shape and the layered look.
I couldn’t find a button that I liked for the center so I just folded a small piece of bias tape and attached it.   
Really like the flower on the dress - just the touch I was thinking of!  I want to make another one as a hair bow for Sophi next.  (somebody STOP me! )
A big, big THANK YOU to all the women and men who give tutorials on their blogs and websites!  

For those of us on limited budgets . . . 

for those of us who live far away from 
English printed material . . . 

for those of us who are beginners and need a little helping hand . . .

            your free resources free us to be creative!  
                        from the bottom of my heart!
Here are some sites I have come to love:


This site is full of tutorials, great fabric, giveaways, contests . . . 

Craft Gossip is the next site that I frequent.   Basically, they list all the cool craft tutorials posted that day on multitudes of crafting blogs.  You can subscribe to receive them all or just the ones in your areas of interest.  Warning:  can be overwhelming to see all the cute, cute projects.  
Your “lists” may never recover!   
Russian Quilter is a great blog for seeing what is going on in the Russian craft world.  It is mostly in Russian, but there are some places where where she translates into English.  Take a look thru her archives at some amazing quilts!
Another Russian site (but mostly in English) that is a treasure of free cross stitch designs.  She also has a site for just finishing tutorials.  Really pretty things!

Make It and Love It is a cute blog with great ideas.   
Take a look at this one about making interchangeable decorations for your summer flip flops!  
These are just a few of the many wonderful freebie sites out there.  
Thank you to you all!  
What are some good sites that your have found?  
Please pass them on!

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