Sunday, March 14, 2010


The weekend before she turned 4, Sophi came to me with a box of books.
Here is the conversation:
“Mom, let’s read these books.  We haven’t read these in a loooong time.”
“Soph, we’ve never read these books.  They are your ‘learning to read’ books and we’re going to start them right after your birthday! Go get one of your other books and we’ll read.”
“Mom, please!  I really want to read these.”
“Sophi, these aren’t for me to read - these are for YOU to read.  I can’t read them, you have to.”
“Ok, Mom, I’ll read them!  Please!”
“Ok, Soph, but you are the only one who is going to be reading. . . “
And, we started . . . sounding out every letter, putting them together into words, words formed sentences . . . 
She did it!  Read the first 2 books in the series that first time out!

We just finished the last book - number 12 - about The Vet and The Cat!

“Mom, we’re all finished!  What are we going to read next?”

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