Monday, March 22, 2010

The Big Picture - Hobby Lobby, Smolensk

I have a dream . . . 
        well, actually, I have several dreams . . . 
I’m one of those “Big Picture/Idea” people.  
I can dream and come up with super ideas . . . and I really believe in these ideas, I just know that they will work . . . 
The problem, for me, comes because I’m not always as sure about how to make these dreams a reality.
I often run to my husband, so excited to tell him about one of my new ideas and he, being the detail person that he is, always tells me to 
write it down, 
work out those details 
and get started.
So, I have decided to “blog-down” my ideas and share them with the world  
        (ok, ok, maybe just the handful of readers I may have!).
Most Recent Great Idea
        (if I do say so myself)
Creative Craft Center - Smolensk
Now, tell me, doesn’t just the idea get you excited?
It does me  - let me tell you why:
  1. Now that I have started to sew and get into crafting here in Russia, I have learned that most of my friends here also enjoy crafting.  Sewing, needlework, painting, woodworking, scrap booking . . . all of these are of interest to many women and possibly men, in Smolensk.
  2. There is a not one good craft store in Smolensk - city of more than 300,000 and the capital of the Oblast (state.)  There is not one good fabric store in this city.  Everyone dreams of going to Moscow (4 hrs by car, 6 hrs by train) to go shopping.
        What do I mean by “not good?”  - quality is terrible, prices are high,
            selection is very limited, customer service is horrible.
What would the Creative Craft Center look like?

Something like a small, “mom and pop’s” Holly Lobby in the States.   
  • large store area 
  • different sections for different crafts/supplies (flowers, needlework, art, fabric, etc)
  • large, good quality selection
  • room for craft classes (I have hundreds of ideas for classes.  All taught as an outreach of Love to the people of this city.)
  • great customer service
  • quarterly craft “fair” for our customers to share ideas and sell their work to the community.
  • great music playing in the store to inspire creativity
What would be our goals?
  1. Provide good quality supplies for our customer’s creative projects.
  2. Provide craft training/classes.
  3. Have the best customer service in Smolensk and provide our clients with a fun shopping experience!
  4. Create fun and creative atmosphere/ culture where Love is shared.
I admit, I have absolutely no idea how to start a craft store.  Don’t know where to find the right suppliers . . . but I do believe in the idea!
How wonderful,and I believe, ultimately profitable, it would be to have a Creative Craft Center in Smolensk!  With a good location, good size, good selection, and good quality customer service, we could be a profitable and helpful business.
SO, there it is . . . run with it . . . 

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