Monday, March 1, 2010

It’s a SKIRT!

And, it’s wearable . . . and presentable . . .  and so PRETTY!
This weekend, Anton went to Moscow on a business trip.
“This is it, this is my chance.”  I said to myself.  “I’ll sew a skirt for Sophia!”
Friday, I found this wonderful website:  Sew Mama Sew
This place is amazing!  Lots of wonderful projects!  And, what is extra helpful to me as a beginner, tons of “Step by step” tutorials - with pictures!  
Gotta love it!  
On Sew Mama Sew, I found this tutorial for a cute twirl skirt - Sophi’s favorite!
“That’s it, that’s my skirt.”  I said to myself.  “I’ll sew that skirt for Sophi!”
Sat I went looking/shopping for sewing tools and material.  
My mother-in-law gave me a great pair of scissors. I wish I had had these at the beginning of the cutting process!  Such smooth cutters!

Looked everywhere for a seam allowance measurer thingy.  (Yeah, I know, it would help if I knew the correct term for all these sewing thingies.)
Hit JACK-POT with this set from China!  Because it had...

LOOK!  It has INCHES and centimeters!  

I almost fell over when I saw it!  It was the only one they had in the store.  The set was all covered in dust - probably been there a while . . . I called the saleslady over, 
“I want this one, this one, this one.”  I said, tapping nervously on the display case glass.
She started to tell me about each object in the set.  I probably should have listened.  
But I stopped her and said, “I really just need this one thingy from the set.”  
I did ask her what it is called in Russian, but she didn’t know!

Went to several stores before I found this meter stick.  I want to permanent marker inches on the other side.
Found some great material (at a not-so-great price) and headed home!
Saturday, I spent the morning cutting out the material pieces.  
This is where I must have gone wrong.  
“Good night!” I said to myself.  “This skirt is for a giant!”
Re-read the instructions, couldn’t see that I had done anything wrong.
“Well, I’ll just keep going.”
Later that afternoon I started to sew!  and iron!  and sew!  
I worked like a crazed woman . . . I couldn’t stop . . . 
Anton came home unexpectedly at 10pm.  He wanted it to be a surprise!  
The house was covered in threads, ironing board up, hot iron on, Sophi still up, dishes piled in the sink, wife with glazed-over eyes and lunatic hair hunched over a sewing machine...
“Hey!  Can’t stop now . . . not . . . at . . .  a good stopping place . . . “
I did come to a stop and fed my hungry and tired husband.  I did put my child to bed.  And, I actually went to bed.  
But I had a hard time sleeping.  I was thinking about finishing that skirt.  I just had ONE more seam to sew . . . ARGH!  It was killing me!  I even thought about taking everything to the kitchen to finish . . . but my poor hubby was so tired, I just didn’t have the heart to wake him.
Sunday, after church and after Sophi went down for her nap... 
“Now’s the time!”  I said to myself.  “I’m gonna finish that skirt!”
And I did!
It’s way too big for Sophia.  But, it’s perfect for me!  I wore it all Sunday evening in the house . . . was sad when I had to take it off to go to bed!  It has a cute little tie waist!

And there are places where it is painfully obvious that I’m a beginner . . . 
But I LOVE IT!  
Really, I had so much fun!  It was like flying . . . like singing...

It was from the spirit . . . unbelievable!

I knew I would enjoy sewing . . . but I didn’t expect to LOVE it!  
Love at first . . . seam!
That night I even made my own pin cushion for all the pins I had laying around my sewing table.

It is a flower from the skirt fabric - with a covered button in the middle.

So pretty!
I found it somewhere on line - but lost the link.  Sorry.
I still have some pretty fabric to make Sophi an almost “matching” skirt.

I think I can figure out how to make the skirt smaller for her!  
And I may have enough left over fabric to make a head kerchief for her and a head-band for me!

LOVE this whole process!  I may never put this machine away . . . 
Now, to figure out a way to get good fabric to Russia . . . hmmm . . .

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