Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gonna Make It Myself

Isn’t she a beauty?  Clean, white, and ready to work!
This year I got a sewing machine for my birthday.  Learning to sew is about #4 on my “bucket list.”  So, yes, I’m gonna mark that one off this next year!
The first night I got it Anton helped me pull it out of the box.  We set it on the table, looked at it, we were speechless from ignorance.  
“Looks good.”  he said.
“Yeah, I like the colors.”  I answered.
The next night we gathered as a family to learn about the new machine. 
Anton was at the helm (he was seated behind the machine, ready to move things), I was the navigator (at the computer, reading the step-by-step instructions from the web manual), and Sophi was 1st Officer (gopher.)
We got the basics done:

  • hooked it up
  • threaded a bobbin (Wow!  was that cool and FAST!)
  • threaded the machine
  • threaded the needle (has an automatic needle threader that is a little confusing)
We were ready to ROLL!  
Anton graciously turned over the helm to yours truly . . . 

Started it on the lowest speed - the basic stitch - WHOO HOO!  Look at me go!

Getting brave now - 
“Look Mom!  I’m one-handing the “wheel!”  
“Free-stitch’n, BA - BY!” 
We decided to practice the different stitches and actually try to make something.  

Here it is - a little purse for Sophia!  (Did you notice?  We put a handle on it!  What can I say? We’re just that good!  : )  
Later, we learned that for some of the decorative stitches we used you are supposed to change the FOOT!  Whew!  Sure am glad we didn’t break a needle!  I’m pretty sure that would be considered a really bad omen in the 
sewing-for-the-first-time world.
A little review of the machine:
              Janome DC 50 

  •    Japanese!  Enough said.
  •     Ran great - smooth - fast
  •     Easy to figure out - except for that auto threading    needle thing . . . 
  •     Looks great!  : )  
My Sewing Plans:
  • make a skirt for Sophia for summer - maybe several, since they are all she wants to wear now
  • make several pillows
  • make Christmas ornaments from some of my cross-stitch work
  • make a skirt for myself - for summer
  • make all the curtains for the new house 
  • make Sophia’s wedding dress  (cue in hysterical, crazy laughter!)
Problems Sewing in the Russian World:
  • hard to find simple nice pretty cotton fabric
  • hard to find good thread
  • really crazy Russian patterns with ALL new vocabulary for me
Blessings Sewing in the Russian World:
  • a really good friend who is an excellent seamstress (my pastor’s wife)
  • Anton’s grandmother was a professional seamstress and has offered to help me if/when things get tough.
What advice can you give me?  Any ideas about what I should do first?  Any exercises/skills training?  Any other equipment that I simply must have?
Any websites I should check out?
I’m ready to roll!

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