Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playing With Patterns

We’re entered the world of patterns - both with numbers and letters.  
Sophia is fascinated with them.
She is getting to be such a good reader!  
My favorite time of the day is the early morning.  
Papa has gone off to work.  
Sophi and I jump back in bed and snuggle under the covers for a few more minutes.
She reads a book to me and I read a book to her.  
Then, we start our day!  
The other day, I was cooking in the kitchen and she got the idea to make her own word
Here are a couple of her puzzles - can you find her words? 
There is one word to each puzzle. 
(remember, 4 almost 5 yr old spelling is involved!)
The First Puzzle
The Second Puzzle
Leave your answer in the comment box.
The first one to get both puzzles correct will win a special treat!

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