Monday, January 10, 2011

The King of Breads - Borodinsky!

There is no Russian table without bread.  It’s not even imaginable . . . 
Bread is present at every Russian meal.
    For breakfast:  a open-faced sandwich with cheese and sausage
    For lunch:  a big bowl of soup; eaten with soup spoon in one hand and a slice of 
                    fresh black bread in the other
    For dinner:  salad, meat, potatoes . . . and bread!
I have always loved bread, but I never ate it as fresh or as tasty until I moved to Russia.
My absolute favorite Russian bread is this beauty:
Borodinsky Bread - made from rye flour and rye malt and sprinkled with coriander seeds.
It is thick, moist, a little tart and a little sweet.  

Borodinsky is the perfect compliment to almost every salad, soup, and meat. 
My favorite pairings for Borodinsky are salads with oil dressings and soups with tomato bases.
Sophi and I ventured out on this slippery, hovering around 32 degrees, day . . . we were out of bread!  We made it to our local bread kiosk where we bought a baton of “Nareznoi"
white bread and our favorite small loaf of Borodinsky!
As soon as we got home, 
before we even sat down to try the homemade chicken and wild rice soup I made today, 
we cut two pieces of Borodinsky and oo’d and ah’d over the freshness!  

I wish I could send you all a loaf!

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