Monday, December 20, 2010

My Kindle Keeper!

For our 6th wedding anniversary, just a week ago, my dear husband gave me the gift I’ve long wanted . . .  a new KINDLE!
It is a dream for me . . . I love to read, especially in my native English!  It can be difficult and expensive to find good books in Smolensk, or even Moscow, in English.  When I travel to the States I always buy stacks of books to bring back . . . using precious space and weight in our trunks.
With the Kindle, I can browse Amazon on-line, check out old favorites and new hits, choose what I need/like and, in seconds, download and begin reading!  All my books, thousands of them, will be kept here, on my new “virtual” bookshelf - the Kindle!  LOVE it!  I still get a tingling feeling all over my body when I think of it!  WHOO HOO!
Well, I just had to make a cozy home for my new best techno friend!  I looked at several tutorials for Kindle Keepers on-line and finally settled on this one from the Moda Bakeshop.

Here is my version:
I added velcro to secure the closing and left off the application.
I love how it turned out and the feel of it in my hand!  
So, what was my first whole book download?
It is a true story about a city girl who falls in love with a farmer and their first year building a farm in Northern New York state.  Their farm is a “membership” farm and provides meat, dairy, and veggies for hundreds of “members.”  
Thinking maybe we could start something like this in Selefonova . . . (am I crazy?!?!)
I have lots of new collectives:
    and, for Anton - Fear of God
but, so far, I only have samples in the collectives.
I downloaded a sample of, “The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy” by Cathy Porter and seriously considering this one for my next purchase.
Do you have a Kindle?  What are you reading?

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