Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming Soon . . . Design Your Own TERVIS!

Have you discovered these cups?  
If not, believe me, you simply must be introduced!

"Dear Person Reading My Blog (btw, thank you so much for dropping by,)  please meet my favorite new drinking device - The Tervis Tumbler."

These cups are amazing!  
  • They come with a life-time guarantee!
  • They keep cold drinks cold for HOURS - even in sub-tropical Texas heat!
  • They keep hot drinks warm.  My experience is that warm doesn't keep for quite as long as cold - but, still, for at least a couple of hours you'll have a nice warm cup'o.
  • They are virtually indestructible.  We are a clumsy lot and have dropped them many times - not even a scratch!
  • They don't "sweat" and never leave a wet ring.
  • They are dish-washer safe.  Very important here - no matter how many times we say we are each going to use ONE glass all day.    
  • They come with 500 designs from which to choose - for young and old alike! 
  • They can be personalized with your own names or words. 
And, now . . . their website says that soon, we will be able to design our very own
How fun! 
We'll be able to upload our own photos to put on the cup and add text!  

I sure hope they get this up and running soon because I see all my Christmas list being filled with TERVIS this year!

Sophi has been sick this week with a runny nose and cough.  Drinking her hot tea out of the Princess Tervis her sweet auntie gave her for Christmas has helped her feel much better!
It really is so pretty - this photo doesn't do it justice.

And, it comes with a "big girl lid!" 

There are plenty of "look a likes" out there, but don't be fooled!  I tried a couple in an attempt to save money and had to throw the cheap'o's out - they just don't work.  

Believe me, if you want to have ice in your cup all afternoon, get a Tervis!  

Full Disclosure:  I'm drinking my Diet DP out of a "watermelon" Tervis tumbler right now!

Disclaimer:  I have not been reimbursed or subsidized by TERVIS in any way for this post.  I just really, really like these cups and wanted to share!  Enjoy!  


  1. Awww, I'm so glad you and she are liking the cup! I have two going around the house at all times, myself! I agree... there are no substitutions... and there are 20 oz TERVIS cups too... My cabinet won't hold that big tho... :(

  2. Hey Eliska!
    Thanks so much - Sophi LOVES her cup! And, we LOVE YOU!


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