Monday, December 28, 2009

My New Favorite Toy!

Nothing better in a child’s life than discovering all the cool things your new Christmas toys can do!  

I remember those “toy coma’s” - lasted for hours, nothing could (or should) distract me.  
That after-the-morning-gift-carnage “glow” . . . 
Well, as a fully (and, some might add, fluffy) grown adult, I’m experiencing some of those same feelings again.  
Yes, I have a NEW TOY - and it is so much FUN!
Do you know about the photo-fun site, Picnik?   Oh my goodness!  Just look at what you can make there:

Wonderful collages of your daughter’s first look at the Atlantic Ocean - with her cousins leading the fun.

More collages of family fun. . .  learning hurricane storm survival skills . . . in the beach front house . . . on the beach . . . in the actual storm.  (I REALLY thought the sliding glass doors were going to implode as the house rocked on the beams)

Or a lovely gift for your mother-in-law.

How about some extra-special gift tags? 
These are going to be so much fun New Year’s Night.  
(more about this Russian holiday to come . . . ) 
Plus, there are tons of cool editing tools, and special fonts. and borders, and stickers, and. . .  the creative possibilities are limitless!  
It is difficult for us to send Christmas presents to our family in the States from Russia . . . somehow, they all end up under “Olga the Postal Worker’s” New Year’s tree.  (ok, ok, that’s probably not really fair - but you get the idea . . . NOTHING thru the mail)  But this year everyone on our list got a beautiful photo collage - sent thru e-mail!   And the best part was it was “created”  “home-made”  in a neuvo-tech kinda way!  LOVE IT!
A BIG thank-you to my friend Tina for introducing me to my new toy!  
And, really, if you love pics, you gotta see Picnik!
I’m just gonna warn you now . . . new toy “coma” coming your way!

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