Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We’re back in Smolensk after a month and a half long visit to the States. 
It is always hard to leave home (USA) - 
  • to hug and kiss my aging parents at the airport security check,  
  • to bid farewell to the strong Southern sun and clean water (all the time,) 
  • to say good-bye to Chick-Fil-A and Mexican food restaurants.

It is always great to come home (Russia) - 
  • to my dear husband, 
  • to my wonderful Brothers and Sisters at church, 
  • to snow and ice and cold, 
  • to fresh eggs and wonderful sour cream. 

As you see, there are so many mixed feelings - and combine all that with jet lag and the inevitable culture shock (yes, even after all these years) - our family always goes through a rough first couple of weeks "re-entry time." 
This year was especially difficult:
No snow or cold to greet us this Dec, 
only cloudy skies, dirty streets, 
and grouchy worn people who had lived thru the month of Nov with absolutely no sun.  

My sweet husband was one stressed-out man.  
There was very little business and no money in the 3 jobs he usually works . . . no in-come and no prospects. 
I have to be honest, I thought many times about getting back on a plane  - - - it was a scary time.
I decided to be honest about our problems and my fear and posted them on Facebook.  The outpouring of concern, support and prayers was exactly what I needed.  It was “virtural” medicine for my soul - my friends were the medicine.
And, this was fast-working medicine!  

That week my husband got a great job tip/opportunity.  His spirits lifted - which eased all of us.  After a couple of days I said to him,  “I just want to thank you for these past few days.  It has been so much FUN to live with you!”  He looked at me a little funny with his shy little half-smile.  We both knew there had been a big change.  

This week Anton starts the trial period in a new job.  It is not quite the job he was promised and so, we are a little disappointed, but it is a JOB and he will be making a bit more than he made before.  For all this, we are thankful!  
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all my friends on Facebook for their prayers and support.  God used you and your prayers to bring us hope, healing, and change!  For all the things Facebook may be, to many of us it is a way to connect in Love. 

I am thankful for this gift, for this time!
And, so, now we enter the Christmas season - - knowing that God is WITH US.  
Emmanuel is here and He lives and works in His People. 
I want to know Him and hear Him and follow Him this year . . .  
                    I’ve got so much to learn . . . 

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