Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Teachable Moment

Yesterday at breakfast Sophia was asking me (in only the way 3 yr olds can) over and over, 

“Mom, what vitamins 
do apples have . . . 
do oranges have . . 
do grapes have?”
I have no idea and got tired of saying over and over (as only tired Mom’s can), 

“I don’t know, Sophi - 
don’t know - 
don’t know - 
have no idea.”  

Finally, a light-bulb went off in my head and I said,

“After breakfast, we’ll look it up on the computer.” 
At that, Sophi inhaled the rest of her eggs and we set off to learn about vitamins!

First, we made a chart where we:  

1.  Wrote the name of the fruit
2.  Drew a picture of the fruit
  • We looked up the vitamin and mineral content of each fruit on the net 
  • Wrote what we discovered on our chart
What a great practice for so many things - 
  • letters, letter sounds, words, shapes, and colors
  • and we both learned about the vitamins in our favorite fruit!
I loved it because it was spontaneous and lots of FUN!
At one point, Sophi decided that all her friends needed to watch and learn as we worked and she brought them in and set them up!

Just love those Teachable Moments!  

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