Thursday, January 28, 2010

Never Give Up!

She did it!
Sophi worked this puzzle all by herself . . . for 2 hours . . . 
She would stop every now and then and look at me and say, “Mom, I’m not giving up!  I’m gonna keep working!”  
And, I would give her a couple of encouraging words, 
“You’re doing great!  Keep on going!”  
Every time, amazed at how much she had accomplished in the last 10 min.
This was the same puzzle I had just told her a week ago was too “old” for her.  She would have to wait until she was 4 to try it.  
“Silly Mama!”
I should have known she would be able to do it . . . she has always been a trooper, a “work til I get it” kind of girl.
I remember when she was learning to hit the little toys on her mobile.  
She would lay on her back for stretches of time and I would cheer her on. 

“Hit it, Sophi!  Kick!  You can do it!”  
And, she would stretch out that little leg and KICK . . . stretch out that arm and PUNCH . . . until she could do it every time. 

I still remember her look of concentration.

Then, when she was learning to walk . . . 
she would pull up, walk a little ways,fall, get right back up and keep going . . . determined.  
She breezed past crawling straight to walking. 
She would work so hard on saying words when it was time to speak.
Language came and still comes easily for my little bilingual girl.
Sometimes I have to beg her to give me a little quiet.
And, now, another victory:

A “big girl” puzzle - and she did it absolutely by herself!
I am amazed and humbled and challenged by my little girl!
“Never give up, Mommy!”

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