Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ode to the Winter Mama! or "Will I Ever Get Out This Door?"!

An ode typically is a lyrical verse written in praise of or dedicated to someone or something which captures the poet's interest or serves as an inspiration.

(best read aloud)
To The Winter Mama
The sun is shining on snowy day.
She loves her child, who wants to PLAYI 
The plans are set, it’s out they go.
 “Common, get dressed!”
She says . . . 10 times . .  in a row!
It’s -20 Celsius, humidity is high.
Layers and layers are what she needs 
To keep baby warm and dry.

Winter dressing skills she carefully teaches.
The little hand holds” inside shirt” and reaches
Up through jacket sleeve, just right!
“Look Mom, I did it!”
Success is a beautiful sight.

                       Dressing is far from over,
There's still so much to do!  
Bibs on, hood on, zipper's zipped, and more
Before they're through!

No air must get down little neck 
And, so, she wraps on scarf
Once, twice around and tied so tight
The little one squeaks, “Mom, I’ll barf!”

Now it’s time to put on boots 
They’ll keep little tootsies warm
“Foot in, push down.”
“Mom, it hurts!”
“Push down, HARD!” 
Mom replies with a scorn.

Still more pushing, 
this time, out the door.
Fresh air is such a delight!
She endured at least 7 heat flashes 
While dressing her child up right.

First stop, the garbage shoot.
She opens the hatch with 2 fingers.
No matter how lightly she touches,
The smells always seem to linger!

On the way to the elevator, she soon discovers 
They’ve forgotten baby’s transportation.
“The SLED!  Oh, my goodness!
Stand here - don’t MOVE!” Mama says 
And without hesitation
Runs, in dirty boots, to balcony
Grabs the sled 
And, back out the door
“This is it, last time - one more thing and we’ll sit at home, evermore!” 

As they start to exit the building
Baby yells with all her might
“Mom, I forgot my gloves!”
Mama hesitates, then answers,
 “Oh, you’ll be all right!”

A pang of guilt grips her heart 
As the cold air hits their faces.
And, so, back up the stairs 
Mom, with baby, races.

There they sit, in the basket,
all pink and “purty.”
Baby puts one on, the other drops to the floor
And is now, of course, all dirty.

Down the elevator, one more time
Hysterical laughter begins.
She thinks to herself, “Better to laugh than cry.”
As the journey comes to an end.

All Hail! Winter Mama!
She finally made it outside!
And she will say, if you ask her
It was worth it all, every sweat drop and hassle,
For sunshine, fresh air and QUIET, as her baby rides.

Now, it’s your turn!  
Write and link us to your best Winter Ode!

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