Monday, January 18, 2010

The Question Has Changed

Not too long ago, when my baby looked like this:

Her favorite question to me was, 
“Why, Mama?”
That, “Why?”  just about drove me insane!  
She asked “Why?” about everything  . . . and then, when I would answer, 
she asked “Why?” about the answer!  
It was constant and consistent and sincere - she wanted to understand everything.
Now, my baby looks just like this:

And, I’ve noticed her question has changed.  
No more, “Why?”  
She doesn’t need “Why?”   
She knows exactly how so many things work now.

For goodness sake, she’s a DOCTOR and all of her patients get better - - even if she has to use her “doctor knife” to take out all the bad parts in their hearts!

She can ride the tram like all the big girls, in her own seat.  She knows how to pay the conductor, take the ticket and then hold it tight and not drop it, in case the conductor asks to see it again.  She even knows how to sit quietly, straight-faced like a real Russian and think and watch people...

She knows that sometimes guys won’t answer your questions, even if you ask them over and over.  But, if you sit down and cry, sometimes guys will come over and ask you what is wrong and listen.  (We’ll work on this one, but, heavens, SHE told ME this! at 3, almost 4, yrs old!)
So, the question has changed.
Now, she THINKS, 
makes a statement of fact, 
and then asks,
“Right, Mom?”

          And. . .  
                            most of the time. . . 
                                                               she’s right!

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